McKay's Daily Database

This is just a database of daily things.

I'm at least a little obsessive compulsive. I likes lists. I adopted the insult ListBoy as a moniker of sorts.

I like to express myself with my shirts. It lets people know who I am. They're conversation starters, and they help me be a little more social than I might otherwise be. Some have expressed the desire to know what I'm wearing in days those are not near me, so I thought about making this database.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was working from home every day. A coworker of mine, Ken, left a stuffed animal on camera. I like to embrace fun, so I decided to adapt that and put a LEGO minifig in the camera. I thought I would change it up, and put a different one in every day. The pandemic lasted longer than I thought it would, so it seemed like minifigs were filling a lot of the same parts of my life that tshirts did pre-pandemic.

After I realized I was probably going to be working over a camera for a good portion of the remainder of my career, I thought about making such a list. Shortly after I was no longer at that company, I finally got the drive to actually make this database.